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Sarah Palin?

Apparently, Alaska governor Sarah Palin has been chosen as McCain’s running mate. I consider this choice another confirmation that this campaign is increasingly defined by the tenor of Barack Obama’s candidacy: even Republicans feel like they need to incorporate some dimension of meaningful change (i.e. a young, female candidate) into their ticket to compete.

I mean come on, do you really think McCain would have chosen Palin–who’s only been governor of Alaska since 2006 and was mayor of a town with a population of 5,400 people before that–if Obama wasn’t running? After all these months of hammering the notion that experience is the most important aspect of a leader, this is McCain’s choice?

Palin also has a history of taking on other Republicans: she fought against Alaska Senator Ted Stevens’ infamous “bridge to nowhere” project and when she ran for governor, it was to unseat another Republican. The Republicans have long been defined by a remarkable degree of party discipline–just compare how quickly they fell into line behind John McCain (who wasn’t all that beloved during the primary) to the ongoing Obama/Hillary infighting that has continued to this day. Yet here McCain has chosen someone who has broken party rank, because that’s a much-needed plus in the “post-partisan” political world that Obama is defining.

For years, Republicans have been more proactive, and Democrats more reactive. But this year, that dynamic seems to be reserved: McCain is fighting on Obama’s terms.


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